Statement of Support for the American Studies Association

Students Against Israeli Apartheid Statement of Appreciation and Solidarity with the American Studies Association

As student activists in the international social movement for equal human rights for Palestinians, we greatly appreciate your bravery in challenging the discourse on Palestine in academia. We wish to thank you for your contribution in the endeavor to end Israeli oppression and we hope your decision inspires others to challenge the status quo on their campuses.

Even though the resolution has been widely criticized, know that you have taken the appropriate approach for justice by boycotting the systematic discrimination that is reinforced by Israeli academic institutions. While today you are berated for your actions, tomorrow, you will be applauded for being the forerunners of social justice.

We deeply appreciate this resolution, and it continues to inspire our work towards dismantling the false dichotomy that has surrounded Palestinians and Israelis for all too long.  Your decision will not only empower Palestinian academics, but everyone else who will enjoy the political space that you have created.

We support and give thanks to the ASA and its remarkable resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions. We will continue to stand in solidarity with the occupied people of Palestine until freedom and equality are the status quo.


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